The Church

In the Mezzane's Valley, a welcoming cypress avenue leads to the most renowned restaurant “Bacco d'Oro”, placed in a contry house built in the eighteenth century among the walls of an ancient convent. The beautiful consecrated church completes the view by giving nobility to the location.

The oratory dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in the trabeation above the door relates the sign: “SS. COR DI IESU A.D. MDCCCLXXXI”.
The architecture is in pseudo Romanesque style; it was built in 1881 at Girolamo Schiavoni's will by the architect Spolverini from Verona.
Above the simple altar,in the three niches, there are modern paintings; in the middle one there's the Sacred Hearth of Jesus, in the left one there's the Blessed Mary and in the right one there's St. Joseph.


In the wall of the little presbytery, on the left side, there's a headstone in thanking to the return of the land's inhabitants who took part in the war during the years 1915-1918; it had been placed on 20th April in 1920. On the right side of the wall, the indulgences allowed by the Bishops of Verona are brought back: the cardinal Luigi di Canossa in his visit on 23rd August 1882 and the cardinal Bacilieri on 17th September 1907.

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Opening Hours

From Monday to Friday: 18.30 - 22.00
Saturday and Sunday: 18.00 - 23.30
Lunch time: 12.00 - 14.00
Closed on Mondays evening and all Tuesdays.


Via Venturi, 14 - Mezzane di Sotto
37030 - Verona


Info e prenotazioni 045 8880269


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